Evening @ West Coast Park

It was a wednesday evening, around 5pm, I decided to grab my DSLR and my “Book of the Moment” and walked to West Coast Park.

I always had been going there in the night and had not returned back there to enjoy the sunset sceneries (along with the harbour and shipyards) for sometime already. While I walked around the park and relaxing my mind and soul, I snapped different photos from around the park.

Thereafter, I went towards the Promenade and sat down, enjoying the sunset while reading my book. It was really peaceful and I am slowly programmed by the wisdom of the mighty book while busking myself in the evening sun.


Do check out my flickr for more photos of West Coast Park !


  1. pretty photos you have taken! Thx for sharing!

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind comments !

    You have a great blog too, nice photos and stories and I can learn more about your country too!

  3. thanks for comment

    you are in my links


    see you soon


  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  5. G’day cecyl & nature nut/jj loch,

    Thanks for dropping by ! Glad you all enjoy my photos too!

    Take care and happy shooting !

  6. Gidday from Australia,

    These are some great sunsets you have here. We don’t get any of those yellow and blue ones in this part of Australia, they look amazing. You certainly have great talent.

    Would you be interested in exchanging links with me? I have a nature photography blog too, if you are interested could you please just leave a comment on my blog and I will set up a link on mine.

    See you later,


  7. G’day David,

    How are you,mate? Great blog you have and thanks for dropping by here.

    I would add you blog to my links too !

    Happy shooting and looking foward to view your great works too !

  8. These pictures are fantastic. They remind me of my home country, Malawi.

    Keep it up!

  9. Hi bennett ,

    Nice to see you dropping by my blog ! Thanks for your kind comments and do stay in touch !

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