Must Try Food : Qun’s Noodles at People’s Park Complex

My colleague, Gabriel mentioned about a Wanton Mee near his home that is different from the rest of the Wanton Mee he ate usually. Since I am on a Must Try Food photojournalistic adventure, I was curious and decided to meet him for lunch at his home ground in Chinatown and try out this Wanton Mee.

They are located at People’s Park Complex Food Centre and their Wanton Mee is pretty tasty, they didn’t rush their noodles and had a bit of a wait, not too long though. They used black soy sauce, different from the tomato or chili sauce that you would usually find in other Wanton Noodles. In their bowl, they also shredded chicken slices and it was nicely cooked. Their soup is nice too and their dumplings make it a bit more different with prawn pieces mixed along with their minced meat, you don’t usually find the Wanton (dumplings) to be filled with prawns slices.

Gabriel ordered the paper wrapped chicken too as a side dish and it’s been a long time since I tasted it, overall, I liked it. If you like to try them out, here are their details

Qun’s Noodles

People’s Park Complex Food Centre


Do drop by and Try them !

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