My Family Dog – Japanese Spitz

My lovely and very adorable family dog, Japanese Spitz

Isn’t she lovely ? 😉


  1. Oh, She is so beautiful!

    I love her eyes!

    I think my Leo will love her too! Haha!

  2. Lovely dog. I love dogs and used to own one as a child. But not anymore. Taking of one takes up alot of time and effort.

  3. Author

    Hi Cashmere, agreed totally !

  4. Author

    Hi iWalk,

    Her eyes very mesmerising ! I am sure Leo would love her too !

  5. Author

    Hi Mei Teng,

    Glad that you love dogs ! It’s not easy to take care of dogs, lots of time and effort and commitment.

  6. Author

    Hi Emm

    Thanks for dropping by ! Agreed that she’s pretty !

  7. Author

    Hi earthtoholly,

    She’s my parents precious and really cute too !

  8. Author

    Hi maxiVelasco

    Thanks for dropping by ! Went to your link too ! I love your dog too !

  9. Author

    Hi Kristen

    Thanks for dropping by ! She’s cute, agreed totally !

  10. Author

    Hi husky training

    Thanks for your kind comments ! Do drop by often !

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