My Journey & Thoughts During an AD Wedding Photography Shoot

On the 22nd Jan, I delivered my Actual Day (AD) Wedding photographs to my friend, which I covered recently over 2 days in December 2009. Mission officially accomplished with the delivery of photographs and I am finally allowed to release selected photographs of their AD Wedding day.

Let’s turn back the time, the groom is in the same alumni mata with me, we hail from the Dragon Chapter and Dragon Scout Group. The age difference is private 🙂

Upon meeting up with the couple, friendly and heartwarming, it was a rather quick and mutual agreement that I would be entrusted to take on their AD Wedding photography. That was in the 1st quarter of 2009 and fast forward 4th quarter 2009, their wedding journey began and so was my journey as an AD Wedding Photographer. How the whole AD Wedding went, from the start to the end, a brief synopsis of the entire event, could be found in an earlier post HERE !

Well, although the couple gave their permission to release the AD Wedding photographs for my portfolio and showcase, that would be certain photographs that would not be shown here, in order to respect the privacy of the couple. Having said that, some of the more fun photographs taken would be shown here and inside my Flickr !

As you walked through my AD Wedding Photographer journey, I hope you, my readers & followers would enjoy it ! Last but not least, a Big THANK YOU to Wei Liang & Denise, the lovely married couple !

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