My Photography & Travel Goals for 2010

“If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail”

A quote told to me by my lecturer during my Uni days. This quote had always been something that I held onto closely to my heart and in my life, from my studies to personal life and running of my entrepreneur business.

Likewise, for my photography and travel goals 2010, I went through days of thinking and feeling, linking my brain and heart together, to plan for my photography and travel goals 2010 and I really wanted to achieve all of them since a very difficult and tiring 2009.

My Travel Goals

(1) Short trips (3D2N / 4D3N)

– Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

– Mt Bromo

– Bali

(2) Medium Trips (5-7 days)

– Guangzhou

– Shanghai ~ Expo 2010

– Brisbane ~ University of Queensland Centennial Celebrations, July 2010

(3) Long Trips (8-14 days)

– Yunnan, Shangri-La in Autumn 2010

I would really like to visit all these destinations that I listed, although costs and time/business schedule might be an issue. I would work very hard at making all of them come true for me by hard work and saving lots & also finding travel companions that are photography passionate too.

My Photography goals

(1) Passion

– Capture locations in Singapore before they will be lost to commercialisation e.g. Queenstown, Punggol fields, Kampung Lorong Buangkok, National Stadium,

– Joining/Organising more photography trips such as Snap Snap November Outing 2009.

– Making more new photographer friends via social media networking

– Mentoring my juniors in their National Youth Achievement Award in their hobby/interest project (photography)

– Giving back to society via photography when the opportunities arises

(2) Business

– Expanding and learning studio portrait photography thus moving into Corporate Shoot Photography

– Networking and achieving media accreditation through PR firms (hopefully)

– Building up portfolio & maintaining business accounts for events , sports and wedding photography

(3) Toys Buying

– I confess ……. I want to upgrade to …… Canon 7D or 2nd hand Canon 1d Mk 3 ? My Canon 30D had served me very well, however, it’s time for a model upgrade 🙂 ….. I need to move into sports action DSLR !

– Panasonic GF1 just tempted me tremendously, perfect compliment to my current DSLR setup and great street photography camera, a worthy consideration at a later stage in the year 2010.

Cheers to an awesome year of photography and travel in the year 2010 !


  1. those are amazing places to visit. may all your dreams, hopes and wishes come true. hope 2010 will be a better year for everyone.

  2. I wish for a better year 2010 not only in photography but of course for travel.

  3. Author

    Hi life ramblings

    Yup !! Those are amazing places !! Hope I am able to fulfill my 2010 wishes !!

  4. Author

    Hi Transfer Smart

    Yup !! A better year for both photography & travel !!

  5. I wanted to make it out to the Shanghai Expo too but I don’t think I’ll be able to take off from work. I hope you enjoy it there. Shanghai has a special place in my heart.

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