N.E.mation! 9 – Top 22 Super Pitch

My N.Emation! adventures and faithfully following for the past 3 seasons had been very interesting, exciting, encouraging and heartwarming. This is the 4th season that I am following, covering, writing and photographing the N.E.mation! journey, I learned new things too when I was walking this adventure with all those involved in the N.E.mation! experiences.


In N.E.mation! 6, I learned how to produce a simple animation using Stop Motion techniques just like the students learned in their N.E.mation! journey In N.E.mation! 8, I visited the Top 10 teams during their final 3 weeks of intensive preparation to produce their digital animation clip, speaking to the students from the Top 10 teams, learning and understanding more about their preparation and production. There was the N.E.mation! 8 downtown picnic event whereby the teams introduced themselves to the public and their supporters, sharing their experiences and stories of N.E.mation! It was a interesting and fun event, and had a good time chatting with the students again. I was at the grand final event in N.E.mation! 7 and N.E.mation! 8, whereby I witnessed the euphoria, anxiety and happiness when the Top team was announced for the N.E.mation! season.


From season 6 to season 8, I had experienced many different things and aspects of the N.E.mation! adventure. In season 9, I was invited to visit behind the scenes of the One Week Selection from the Top 100 to Top 10! I was excited and curious to know more about behind the scenes of the One Week Selection and chose to cover the Top 20 Super Pitch (there were Top 22 teams instead of Top 20 due to the number of high quality teams and ideas that touched the judges!). The Top 22 teams made their Super Pitch in front of the judges in a small lecture theatre and I was there to witness them in action.

The Top 22 Super Pitch will be an awesome, enriching and great learning experience for the students. The amount of time and effort in preparing, planning, rehearsing and presenting their ideas, digital animation flow and creativity that the students presented were amazing and priceless. They were not just done with presenting, the students had to face a series of challenging questions, views and comments from the panel of judges.

All these experiences will definitely build up the students’ character and provide invaluable and priceless “society” learning experiences as they grow up to be young adults in society some years down the road. For all the things the students had done and went through during the Top 22 Super Pitch, I salute all of them and congratulate them on a job well done!



At the final few hours of the Top 22 Super Pitch, all the Top 22 teams gathered back in a big lecture theatre, accompanied by their family, school mates, teachers and supporters. It was a bit tense and the anxiety can be felt in the air because only the Top 10 teams will make it through to the final round. When the Top 22 teams were slowly divided into different groups to come down to the stage, facing the rest of the audience, the teams that made it through to the Top 10 were announced and the teams that didn’t make it through, they collected their N.E.mation! 9 team photograph on the side of the lecture theatre wall and their instructors presented with the team members a medal to appreciate and honour their Top 22 journey in N.E.mation! 9. Whenever any of the Top 22 teams were down on the stage waiting for that announcement whether they made into the Top 10, everybody in the lecture theatre can see, sense and feel their anxiety, emotions, sadness (for the teams that did not make it to the Top 10), happiness, joy and euphoria (for the teams that make it to the Top 10). Through the photographs that I shared on my Flickr, I hope that it will bring back the good memories of the N.E.mation! 9 Top 22 Super Pitch!


To all the Top 22 teams at the Super Pitch, every one of you is a winner! My warmest congrats to the Top 10 teams that made it through, I will be looking forward to your final digital animation production clips in the coming months ahead! Stay tuned and follow N.E.mation! 9 on their adventures and journey ahead!

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  1. Hi! May I know where was this event held?

    I’m looking for a really small performance venue for a mini chamber opera group to perform, haha. Hope you can help me out here. Thanks!

  2. Hi! May I know where was this event held?

    I’m looking for a really small performance venue for a mini chamber opera group to perform, haha. Hope you can help me out here. Thanks!

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