New Year Eve 2009 Fireworks

The Year 2009 had arrived with a big bang of fireworks, with a massive display at the Marina Bay Front, ushering a new Year, a New Hope, in lieu of the current situation worldwide. 

For this fireworks, I decided to head to a different location, the Singapore Flyer location and capture the fireworks from the angle. It wasn’t that crowded and there were good breathing and moving space to watch and enjoy the fireworks.

Hope you folks enjoy the fireworks ! Do drop by here for more fireworks photos !


  1. Nice photos! The water reflection from the firework at the Marina Bay Front is a beautiful spot for photographers. It really provides good opportunities to capture good photographs

  2. Author

    Hi Chris Y

    Thanks for your kind comments !

    The Marina Bay Front is a great spot for photographers, very popular with the locals & tourists too !

  3. Excellent shot! Fireworks in sky and their reflection on water make this photo special…

  4. Author

    Hi Gaurav,

    Thanks for your kind comments ! Agreed with you on the reflection on the water from the bright fireworks, making it special !

  5. Author

    Hi roentarre

    Thanks for your support ! Glad that you liked my fireworks photo ! Do drop by my flickr for more fireworks photos !

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