New Year Eve Countdown 2014 Fireworks!

New Year Eve Countdown 2014, a time to say goodbye to the Year 2013 and welcome the New Year 2014 with a bright big bang of fireworks at the Marina Bay area! Shooting fireworks is like a pilgrimage for me since I love fireworks! I had been consistently shooting fireworks since 2007, check out my fireworks collection on Flickr!

2T2J8033Heading down to Marina Bay Sands with DK, our initial plan was the Art Science Museum area, however, we were forced to change our locations after we arrived and saw the crowds sitting down and it was getting very crowded without much moving space. Therefore, we headed downwards along the Marina Bay Sands promenade, towards Marina Bay City Gallery, we spotted Renhao and decided to squeeze together with him at his location!


With my fireworks shooting experience, I was able to squeeze 3 tripods quite closely together and everyone of us still have space to watch and capture the fireworks! After the setup, it was a long wait for around 2.5 hours, we just chit chat and relax while waiting. During the waiting time, I took out the Sony RX100ii review unit and started snapping fun shots of the crowds, testing the high ISO and aperture wide open capabilities and output! The crowds were a lot bigger this year, New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks used to have photographers lining their tripods side by side, however, there weren’t many tripods in our area.



When the time reaches 1st January 2014 at 0000 hours, the fireworks started! It was a fun first 2 minutes before the North-East to South-West wind started blowing the smoke from the fireworks into our direction and as the fireworks continued firing away, the smoke started to accumulate and engulfed the Marina Bay area from our view. It was just a giant cloud of smoke! While we can’t really take any more photographs of the fireworks after that, we just relaxed and enjoyed our evening, wishing friends Happy New Year! While the New Year Eve Countdown 2014 Fireworks wasn’t as ideal as we all would like, we still had fun in our own ways there! Always good to meet and chat with fellow photographer friends!



Today is the first day of the New Year 2014, I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year 2014! Take more photographs and share! To all my friends and readers, thank you very much for your support and following! I look forward to documenting, photographing, writing and sharing more stories and events in the Year 2014!

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