Night Lights 2011

Night Lights 2011, part of the whole Voyage Night Festival 2011 package, a time of enjoying the dazzling, interesting, intriguing and spectacular light installations from France. With different lightings hosted over different locations around the arts scene in Singapore – Singapore Art Museum (SAM), National Museum of Singapore (NMS), School of the Arts (SOTA) and Singapore Management University (SMU). Fresh from watching and enjoying Voyage Night Festival 2011 last weekend, this was not something that I would want to miss!

There wasn’t just lighting installations on display, there were a wide range of other arts and community activities too around the venues, from jazz to watching movies. There were good crowds walking around and enjoying themselves, immersing in the fun and festivities, taking many photographs for memories.

Even there wasn’t any major arts performances, the unique and intriguing lighting installations are a major performance by itself, let their lightings show the way –

The Fish Tree

Parking Mad (Le Parking en folie)

Green Invaders


Lyrical Perspective (Perspective Lyrique) 


My favourite lightings from Night Lights 2011 were Lyrical Perspective, Lampounettes and Curiosities ! Do check out more photos taken from Night Lights 2011 here !


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

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