Old Friends

I knew these friends since 1996, when we served the nation together, going through very tough training conditions, united and bonded together, we the Band of Brothers. Although I hadn’t been further training together with them for some time, I would never forgot the days of blood, sweat, tears and joy.

Today, I went down with Han Wei to Wee Yong’s baby son 1 month birthday celebration, the rest of the other Band of Brothers couldn’t make it, nevertheless, the 3 of us had a good time chatting and catching up. 

A long friendship indeed !


  1. Band of Brothers! That’s one of my favorite TV series, Though it’s a story about men. 🙂

    I think I can understand the meaning of “Brothers”, because I have some “Mountain Friends”, we spent the worst days in rainy camp of snow mountain together. 🙂

  2. Author

    The Band of Brothers is also one of my favourite TV Drama series, as the bunch above can relate to their stories except the war and real life fighting.

    You also have your own band of brothers too !

    Raining in snow mountains = Very very cold !!

  3. Your post reminded me of my odd friendships over the years during college and uni days’ and working life where somehow I always have two other gals as my really good friends. It was always the three together during college and uni and then workplace. The three stooges.

    Now, circumstances and commitments have changed all that but I still have friendships that are real and genuine…no longer 3 stooges but more of a wider circle.

  4. Author

    Hi My Bug Life,

    As we went through different stages of life, we definitely get more friends, even though we have different commitments and new environments !

    Your true, real and genuine friends would be friends forever, no matter what !


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