One Tree Hill – Somewhere in Eastern Hokkaido

There is no name for this area, it’s somewhere in the Eastern part of Hokkaido. When we were traveling down from the mountainous region to lower ground, we saw the change from winter season to autumn season. This area had not started snowing yet and we were able to see the green and brown colours of autumn. This is a unique natural beauty and weather of Hokkaido.


We were driving and spotted an open land, hilly and gorgeous. After pulling over to the side, we went up to check it out and the landscape is a testimonial to the natural beauty of Hokkaido. You are able to discover many more such beautiful landscapes beyond those travel destinations that you read up on tourism guides/brochures.

There was a One Tree Hill that stood out on the other side; it was something very magical and special to me, to us, the band of photographers. The wonderful memories at this One Tree Hill will always be with us forever. This special One Tree Hill calls out to us to make the photography pilgrimage up there and we, the band of photographers were blessed with lots of friendship memories.


As the song “One Tree Hill” by U2 from the Joshua Tree album singing inside me, there is a line in their song. A photography poet I try to be, listening to the song “One Tree Hill”

“ … I’ll see you again when the stars fall from the sky

And the moon has turned red over One Tree Hill … “

I will be back again, I promise. 


This is dedicated to the very special band of photographer friends and my awesome Japanese hosts/friends!

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