OtterBox Defender Series for iPad Review

Tablets today, have now become an integral part of our society and lifestyle, whether it is for work or leisure. Protecting the tablet from fall, scratches and damages is definitely a concern for the owners. Therefore, tablet owners usually get a protective cover for their iPad or Andorid tablet.


For myself, I am an iPad user and I do carry it around a lot for my work and leisure use.  There were times my iPad were used for photography shoots outdoors too and I do have concerns whether my current casing is able to handle it when I am in the outdoors on a photography exploration or on a wildlife exploration.  I was introduced to the OtterBox Defender Series for iPad and given the opportunity to test and review this tough iPad case! OtterBox has designs for smartphone users too and in my recent reviews, I had hands on experience with the OtterBox Preserver and OtterBox Defender smartphone cases for my iPhone 5. Do check out my experiences!


During the two weeks I had with the OtterBox Defender for iPad, I brought it work, leisure and photography outings. While the thickness and weight of this tough OtterBox iPad case was at certain times a bit uncomfortable because I wasn’t too use to it, I have to say that it gave me the extra security and protection for my iPad since I am on the move a lot, especially when I am in the outdoors exploring or doing a photography shoot.

What are my thoughts and views of the OtterBox Defender Series for iPad? Here are the pros and cons from my personal observations compiled during the review period.


–       Sturdy

–       Reliable

–       Tough

–       Water Resistant

–       4 different ways of viewing your iPad upright vertical or horizontal

–       Ideal protection for scientists/researchers doing fieldwork/research outdoors in the wild

–       Ideal for travelers who are bringing their iPad overseas

–       Ideal for photographers/filmmakers who brings it out for their outdoor shoot

–       Ideal for iPad owners who want a peace of mind with something tough and reliable to protect their iPad.

–       Nice design with aesthetics in mind, not just pure tough protection only

–       The cover has magnet to put the iPad to sleep upon coverage of the iPad screen

–       Cover is tough and useful, helps to protect the iPad screen when it falls down from a height


–       Home button a bit tricky to press due to the thickness of the case

–       Heavier than a normal leather iPad cover

–       Unable to slot into a 3rd party peripherals e.g. portable keyboard holder (you need a wireless keyboard)

–       Not ideal for those who seeks a stylish, fashionable and lavish leather cover for their iPad

Question: Why do you want to own an OtterBox Defender Series?

Answer: You can interchange as and when you need it and there is really no harm to own an extra iPad casing!

The OtterBox Defender Series for iPad is highly recommended for users who work a lot in the outdoors/on the move e.g. researchers, people doing fieldwork. Personally, it’s very ideal for photographers too if they do not want to bring their MacBook Pro or iMac out for their outdoor shoot. Bringing an iPad for a photography outing/shoot is pretty common and the OtterBox Defender case does help to give you the extra assurance from falls, scratches and dirt since photographers do tend to carry a lot more gears and accessories!

The OtterBox Defender Series for iPad is retailing at a price of USD$89.99 and check out OtterBox website!

I would like to thank OtterBox and Ogilvy Public Relations for the opportunity to review the OtterBox Defender Series for iPad!

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