Pics of Singapore’s 45th Birthday from Marina Bay Sands

Singapore’s 45th Birthday, National Day Parade (NDP) on the 9th August 2010, a day whereby the nation celebrates with ceremonial parade, performances and of course, not forgetting the fireworks ! Well, since I couldn’t get a ticket to the actual celebration itself held at the Padang, along with many others, we crowded around the Marina Bay area and for this year 2010 NDP, I decided to position myself at Marina Bay Sands.

Being one of the newest location, destination and attraction in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands offers a new, unique, refreshing and beautiful perspective to the landscape of Singapore, forming part of the lively and vibrant Marina Bay district. I was there around 4+ pm in the afternoon, walking around for suitable locations to position my tripod, after some searching and viewing, I chose my spot and sat down. The sun was really hot and sunny, got a bit tanned at the end of the day.

While waiting for the Flag Flypast and aerial display, I started taking landscape photos around the Marina Bay area, from the Marina Bay Sands view. At around 6:40pm, the Flag flew past us across the Marina Bay towards the Padang, the F15s and F16s doing a flypast for the Presidential Salute. At about 7:04pm, the aerial display begun and with this great weather, it was fun to shoot the fighter jets in action !

Once the aerial display was over, the sun sets and darkness arrived, took night landscape scenes before preparing my equipment and settings for fireworks display. The fireworks, lasting 4 minutes was superb and welcomed by many spectators present, entertaining both locals and tourists alike.

Check out more photos of my NDP 2010 here on Flickr !

Wishing Singapore a Happy 45th Birthday !!

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