Planning to Attend these Upcoming Events

It’s an exciting and lively month, with many upcoming activities, events and festivals with great opportunities for photography 😉

They are as follows –

(1) Singapore Fireworks Festival 2008 ~ 22 & 23 August
– Didn’t manage to purchase the tickets in time to get a seat on the gallery, planning to squeeze at the Esplanade to take photos of the fireworks festival on 22nd August.

(2) RSAF Open House 2008 ~ 30 & 31 August
– A great opportunity to take photographs of the aircraft and performance ! Planning to go on 30th August

(3) Chinatown Mid Autumn Festival Official Light Up and Opening Ceremony ~ 31 August
– For lantern lovers, with the opening ceremony, it is the time whereby you can get very near to the giant lanterns in the middle of the busy roads of Chinatown !

(4) COMEX ~ 28 to 31 August
– For IT fans and there are definitely photography opportunities !

That’s all for now folks ! I would post them up here if I attend them and take photographs !

Stay tuned !!

Keep you people posted for September 2008 events, festivals and activties !

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