Portfolio for My 1st AD Wedding Photography


I was given the honour and opportunity by Wen Liang and Portia to be their Official AD Wedding Photographer and it was my 1st official project. My thoughts, feelings and write-up was collected in this posting.

Today, I was given the permission by Wen Liang to select photos from my AD photoshoot and place it in my Flickr site for display.

Do drop by my Flickr Portfolio and take a look !

Thanks for viewing and support !


  1. Great 1st attempt Jinghui!

    If you do more post editing, there are some pictures that can shine even more.

    Have fun at the shoots!

  2. He.. He.. I will be taking my friend’s wedding shot next month. My first also. 😉

  3. hi Jinghui,

    How are you ? We miss you at worldwide photographers. we hope you didn’t loose interest 😉

    see you soon again there ?

    Rick Wezenaar

  4. Hi krisandro

    Thanks for our kind comments ! Would look into post-processing and get my photos more outstanding !

    Most of my photos are non-processed, in its original format 🙂

  5. Hi Jayce,

    Have fun with your first wedding shoot !

    Once you enjoy it, it will allow you to take wonderful photos for your friends.

  6. Hi Rick,

    Thanks for dropping by !

    Yes, I had not been to Worldwide Photographers for a while, busy building up my other business and personal blog.

    Would be back !

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