Reflections from a Kampung Lifestyle ~ Bukit Pasir, Muar

After finishing my Cousin’s wedding dinner the day before, it was a day of rest and recovery in the morning, the lifestyle and pace was very relaxed, nothing rushing like mad, kampung lifestyle a.k.a village/countryside lifestyle.

Instead of washing up, I just sat down and relax with my coffee, played with my uncle’s dogs and puppies, taking photos of them playing and running around, walked around the compound and checked out his plants, vegetables and fruits, all naturally grown using natural fertilisers. In Singapore, we don’t get the chance to see such kind of lifestyle due to its concrete jungle and highly urbanised living.

While I was relaxing there, didn’t take that many photos of the surroundings and the village A of Bukit Pasir, it was kind of being lazy yet wanting to relax and explore the village surroundings. Soon, it wasn’t long before going over to Grandmother’s home for lunch and chat before returning back to Singapore in the late afternoon.

It’s been a week back into Singapore ……..


  1. interesting plant on the right- looks like moss reproductive structures?

  2. Author

    Hi Sharkbytes

    Thanks for dropping by my blog !!

    That’s a chili plant, it’s very spicy and common in South-East Asia region.

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