River Hongbao 2009 @ Marina Bay Floating Platform

The Year of the Ox has finally arrived and took over from the Year of the Rat, although the Chinese Lunar New Year spirits is dampened by the current uncertainties and world economic turmoil, many of us take this 2 days of festive holidays to take that away from our minds and remembering our loved ones, counting our blessings and appreciating whatever we have now.

The River Hongbao in Singapore was something that I would look foward visiting during the Chinese Lunar New Year period, immersing myself into the wonderful Chinese cultures and festivals. For 2009, it was held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform, a change of location from the previous years, nevertheless, The River Hongbao attracted quite a huge number of crowds there, enjoying the festive atmosphere and holidays, soaking in the fun and laughter with their friends and family members.

People were seen taking photos, enjoying the displays, , bright red lights symbolising luck and prosperity. The 12 animal zodiacs also made their presence felt, placed in their order of queue, Romance of Three Kingdoms Characters also made a strong appearance along with a castle and Chinese Chess Set, probably influenced by the epic movie Red Cliff Part I & II ……

Being the Chinese Lunar New Year, we cannot forget our God of Fortune, a giant presence overlooking towards our Marina Bay, blessing us with luck, prosperity and of course, our local favourite 4D lucky lottery numbers !!! 

The River Hongbao would end on 1st February 2009, do drop by their official website and take a look !

Do drop by my flickr site for more River Hongbao 2009 photos

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  1. It looks so wonderful, JH. So you also already said hello to God of Fortune! He will take good care of your money in this Golden OX year! 🙂

    I still haven’t time to visit any place these days.55~~~~~~~~~~~~

  2. Id love to experience Chinese New Year in Asia – one day! Thanks for the support you made my top dropper list for January

  3. Oh, you went to River Hongbao! Did you see me? Probably not. it was so crowded. 🙂

  4. Author

    Hi iWalk

    Thanks for your blessings along with the God of Fortune ! May the God of Fortune shine and bless you too !

  5. Author

    Hi Travel Over 30s

    Thank you for support too ! Do drop by Singapore if you decide to experience Chinese Lunar New Year in Asia ! Would take time off & be a guide !

  6. Author

    Hi eastcoastlife

    I tried spotting you, however, it was really crowded !

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