River Hongbao 2014

River Hongbao 2014 is back in Singapore to usher in the Chinese Lunar New Year 2014, to gallop in the Year of the Horse! It was held at The Float @ Marina Bay with many beautiful decorations and lightings, along with the fun carnival games that the children would love to play with! Reflecting back at my  River Hongbao adventures over the years, River Hongbao 2014 is my 7th year (2008 to 2014 and counting) visiting and photographing River Hongbao, do check out my River Hongbao collection on Flickr! I always love the giant 财神爷 at River Hongbao, it’s an iconic display!


I usually visit River Hongbao on the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, waiting for the time to strike 12midnight and the fireworks will be launched to welcome in the new year! A few hours before the Chinese Lunar New Year Eve fireworks, I reached the Marina Bay Floating Platform and started snapping away. Looking at the crowds size, River Hongbao was busy and packed with many visitors that came down to soak in the festive atmosphere and fun! The lanterns and displays for River Hongbao 2014 were beautiful and nice in design, when I looked back at my collection over the past 6 years of River Hongbao, I like the lanterns and displays from this year’s River Hongbao 2014! How were the lanterns, lightings and displays like in previous River Hongbao?


Let me take you through a trip down memory lane –

River Hongbao 2013

River Hongbao 2012

River Hongbao 2011

River Hongbao 2010

River Hongbao 2009

River Hongbao 2008


Along with the lanterns, lightings, displays and the fun carnival games, there were also performances by Yunnan Opera Theatre, along with Handicraft Street and Food Street. These key highlights and performances attracted the visitors there to watch them perform and check out the artworks and of course, food! I met up with fellow photographers from the Mentographians group, that gathered to shoot the Chinese Lunar New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks, had a chat before we continued with taking photographs at River Hongbao 2014. DK also joined me at River Hongbao to shoot the fireworks too!


For this year’s River Hongbao 2014 fireworks, I decided to shoot from the Floating Platform (that’s a first for me!) with the lightings and display as my foreground. Standing together with friends from the Mentographians photography group, we lined up a few tripods together and at 12midnight, along with the guest of honour and performers on the stage, the countdown started and the fireworks were launched into the Marina Bay skyline, bright and colourful, ushering in the Year of the Horse, galloping in with style, stride and strength! Celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year is a two weeks event and do drop by River Hongbao 2014 and check out the festivities! River Hongbao 2014 is held from 29th Jan 2014 to 8th Feb 2014, at The Float @ Marina Bay.



I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a galloping year ahead in the Year of the Horse! Thank you all for the support!

祝大家新年快乐,万事如意,身体健康! 在马年,马上团圆、马上成功、马上发财、马上事成 !

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