River Hongbao 2015

The year 2015 marks a significant year in the history of Singapore, celebrating 50 years of independence since her independence in 1965. River Hongbao 2015 was colourful and bigger, compared to the previous years. Looking through my collection, I photographed and covered River Hongbao from 2008 to 2015!


When you enter River Hongbao 2015 at The Float @ Marina Bay, it’s a lot more coloruful and bright! There were a number of displays showcasing Singapore’s 50years of independence with the SG50 logos and displays. The giant mural backdrop at the end of the floating platform showcased important and significant landmarks and history of Singapore, celebrating the hard work of the Pioneer Generation that brought Singapore to where and what she is today.



There were nostalgic displays of our history and heritage, from our old playgrounds e.g. Pelican playground and Old Dragon playground. There were also displays of the dollar notes of Singapore’s early days at the foot of the God of Fortune too! The iconic 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac were placed on our iconic wooden boats (known as tongkang) that ply our rivers and Singapore harbour during her early days!


On the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year 2015, River Hongbao 2015 welcomed and ushered in the Year of the Goat with a beautiful display of fireworks at the Marina Bay. This year, I decided to go up to the grandstand and capture the fireworks with the River Hongbao 2015 as part of my foreground and the Raffles Place CBD as my background. I always loved photographing fireworks and this was a beautiful set of fireworks to welcome in the Year of the Goat!



Let this be a great year for Singapore, celebrating SG50, a significant milestone! I would like to wish everybody a great year 2015, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year, with good health, wealth and prosperity for year 2015!

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