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Home Without Walls, first thing first, what comes into your mind ? Is it family first or something else ?  The Home Without Walls by Singtel is about making amazing connections at home with your family and loved ones, through the power of photography and sharing of your beautiful loving stories.

Following the journey of Home Without Walls from the Professional Category whereby I attended a sharing by master photographer Kay Chin. The words, wisdom, experiences and knowledge shared by Kay Chin was very enlightening and helpful to me in my photography journey and I wrote down my experiences here in an earlier post – Learning “Shooting From The Heart”.

Viewing the wonderful photographic works by the winners of the Professional Category winners, they were of very high standards and powerful images that portray the essence of Home Without Walls, the family bonding, love, relationship, connections and stories that each photograph tells everyone of us. The Grand Prize Winner is by Mr. Suhaimi Bin Abdullah submitted under the theme “Networks” with the caption “All For One, One For All”. The award winning photo by Mr Suhaimi is below –

Photograph Courtesy of Singtel and Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore

My first impression was WOW WOW WOW … A powerful photograph worthy of the theme Home Without Walls. This image is powerful and it conveys many messages, the magical moment in a childbirth, the love and happiness of the parents, the doctor and medical team working tirelessly in their own roles and functions to ensure the smooth delivery of the baby into this world. This photograph has the ability to connect with everybody and anybody anywhere and everywhere around the world.

Photography can be very encouraging and inspiring to everybody in taking it up to photograph something different and unique. The Home Without Walls by Singtel now has the Open Category that I mentioned earlier in my post. Here’s how you can take part in this wonderful competition by submitting your photo entries under the following four themes relating to precious family moments with various members that make up the family:

– Father Figures (Fathers)

– Grand for a Reason(Grandparents)

– Mum’s the Word (Mothers)

– Just Kidding (Children)

The Grand Prize winner for the Open Category contest will walk away with S$2,500, and the individual winners for each of the four category themes will enjoy S$500 in cash prize.This photo contest is open to all Singaporeans and submission is done through the SingTel FaceBook page. Photographs can be taken with any camera, including mobile devices. Selected entries will be collated into a set of limited edition postcards which will be distributed at a later stage.

Go ahead, take your camera out, start photographing your loved ones at home without the walls, your loved ones in your bigger extended family network and share them here on Home Without Walls. As for me, I am bringing my camera out to capture the moment too and I will try to capture as many priceless moments for memories sake.

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