Singapore Biennale 2011 – Old Kallang Airport

The Singapore Biennale 2011, in its third edition, a very interesting and big eye-opener for the arts scene in Singapore. The theme this year is “Open House”, presented and hosted across 4 different venues in Singapore, Singapore Arts Museum, National Museum of Singapore, 8Q and Old Kallang Airport. What is “Open House” all about ? From the Singapore Biennale website, ” ….. ‘Open House’ brings together artworks that offer multiple perspectives and myriad creative approaches to questions of how we move across borders, see other points of view, and form connections with others.”

Of the 4 locations, my first stop was at Old Kallang Airport, I have been looking forward to visiting the Terminal building of Old Kallang Airport, to mesmerise myself with looking out from the viewing gallery/windows and admiring the landscape. More information on the Old Kallang Airport venue for Biennale 2011, can be found here. With a rich and old history, Singapore’s first civilian airport opened in 1937 to 1955, it is now an iconic landmark in Singapore. The exhibits and artworks at the Old Kallang Airport venue were placed inside the East Block, Garden, West Block, Hangar and Terminal Building. With an extensive list of artists line-up there, with the theme for Old Kallang Airport venue – of international air and sea ports fitting in perfectly for the venue.

My experiences and time spent at the Old Kallang Airport were awesome and fun. Some artworks and exhibits were intriguing, participative, challenging and mind opening, while the segment on Self-Portrait, Our Landscape was very heartwarming. I might not be able to cover all the artists artworks, exhibits and displays here or on my photos on flickr, nevertheless, the artists on the site of Old Kallang Airport deserves a big round of applause and recognition.

Personally, my most memorable experience at Old Kallang Airport was climbing up the flight of stairs of the Terminal Building control/lookout tower, intrigued by the words and exhibits of Nedko Solakov, it began an adventure of searching and finding words and phrases scribbled and written across at odd places while I am climbing up the stairs and if you looked hard enough and opened your eyes, observing very well, the rewards were simply great views of the landscape around the Old Kallang Airport.

Long words and stories do not do justice to the artworks and exhibits at Old Kallang Airport venue, I shall now let my photographs do the talking ……….

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  1. Looking at your shots, we might have met face to face in the spiral stairs of the control tower! Heh

    Nice coverage on the place 🙂

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