Singapore F1 GP 2014

In the 7th year of the Singapore GP since her maiden debut in the year 2008, I had been faithfully following and going to Singapore GP over the 7 years and I never got bored at the Singapore GP since I am a fan of motorsports and Formula 1 racing! The only difference this year was the change of the title sponsor from SingTel to Singapore Airlines, the organiser overall had done a good job in keeping its status as a iconic F1 circuit and destination on the F1 calendar! The street circuit night race still stands out as a jewel in the F1 circuit calendar!


While I only bought Friday practice ticket, the atmosphere was great and we can still see the crowds at the Singapore GP Marina Bay Street circuit park. I went to my favourite spots in Zone 4, at Turns 11, 12 and 13. Due to work constraints, I was a bit late in entering to catch Practice 1 and spent my shooting time during Practice 2 at Turn 11. In between practice 1 and practice 2, there was a time for me to take a break first and I went to look for my uncle and cousin, who were there too to enjoy Friday practice session! We hanged out for a while to chat and walk around the Padang, took photos before we go to our respective spots to watch practice 2!


I managed to get a good spot at Turn 11 for practice 2, there wasn’t anybody in front of me and my view wasn’t obstructed, great to shoot the F1 cars in action! I think I probably managed to get all of the F1 cars in action! During the one and half hours of practice 2, I still thoroughly enjoyed my sports photography and continued honing my sports photography techniques and tips on shooting F1 cars! Armed with my highly trusted and reliable Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 USM L lens, along with my reliable and trustworthy work horse DSLR, the Canon EOS 1D Mark III. This combination is definitely an ideal and awesome sports photography setup!


One of the highlights of Singapore F1 GP 2014 is the great and awesome rock band, 五月天 a.k.a. MayDay from Taiwan performing on Friday night! They are very popular and loved in Singapore, it was great to see them performing live again in Singapore at the Singapore GP 2014! They rocked the house down, sang their hearts and souls out with their passion and music, the die hard fans reciprocate and rocked the house down too with their screams and singing along to their heartwarming and beautiful melodies!

I left Friday Singapore F1 GP 2014 on a high and enjoy myself thoroughly! Looking forward to Singapore GP 2015!

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