Southern Ridges Discovery 2 – Henderson Wave Bridge


Following up from my previous post on the Southern Ridges Discovery, I walked over from the Alexandra Arch Bridge, into Forest Walk and reached Telok Blangah Hill Park. From this point, you could either start on the Hilltop Walk of Telok Blangah Hill Park or you could walk along the road with the signboards leading you to the Henderson Wave Bridge.

It was pretty crowded that day, saw many people of all ages, families, photographers, pets, cyclists, in the Southern Ridges parks. Hopefully, this would lead to more Singaporeans being more active in the outdoors and enjoy the greenery that we still preserved and appreciate that Singapore is not just a concrete jungle.

Upon reaching the Henderson Wave Bridge entrance, I was awed by the new icon of Singapore ! It was really beautiful and very well designed ! There were many people on the bridge, enjoying themselves. As I walked along the bridge, I was able to view many different sceneries of Southern Singapore, our heartlands, our sea and our central business district.

I slowly walked up and down, taking photos, saw many different photographers, around the evening time, when the sun was about to set, the sky was lighted up and many of us were at the Mount Faber Park side, taking photos of the sunset.

Singapore is a small country, however, we have our gardens, parks and beautiful sceneries that make us unique and special. Let’s all get into our outdoor gear, go out and enjoy trekking the bridges of the Southern Ridges Park and outdoors.

Do drop by my Flickr photo site for more photos of the Southern Ridges Discovery !


  1. I really like that last one the way the setting sun is seen through the trees.

  2. Yes, I was waiting for the sunset actually, glad to capture it !

    Quite a number of people around there on the weekends, would wait for a weekday & go there enjoy the sunset.

  3. Cool. I like the evening feel. Just wondering did you proceed to Mount Faber Park and then to Marang Trail and exit out to Vivo City?

  4. Hi Singapore Photos,

    I continued hiking to Henderson Wave Bridge and took more photos, didn’t proceed to Mount Faber Park and then to Marang Trail and exit Vivo City.

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