Sunset 13th January 2015

13th January 2015, just another Wednesday for many of us and myself too. Somehow or another, I decided that I needed a short time off, a few hours away from many things cropping up in my mind, both business/work and personal. Looking up at the skyline on the 13th January, I had a gut feeling that the sunset on that day would be something nice when the weather on that day was hot and humid the whole day round!


My work location for that day was close to home and I managed to get home a bit earlier, took my camera gear out and walked to West Coast Park that is always close to my home. I was not disappointed at all and I am very happy to be there, to capture a beautiful sunset in Singapore.

While waiting for the sunset, I took the time to think through many things and matters, clear my head and mind. That’s why I shared with many friends that photography is therapeutic for me.

This was also the kickstart for my 2015 photography journey, the start of a new photography adventure in 2015!

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