Sunset in Singapore

Sunset photography – one of my favourite photography themes that I loved taking on a regular basis as far as possible and I would always be mesmerised by sunsets from different parts of the world. The weather plays a critical part on how the sunset would turn out. With the weather in Singapore recently hot in the mornings and afternoons before raining in the late afternoon to evening, sunsets in Singapore wasn’t that ideal for photography.

We met fellow bloggers of 24seven at Downtown East on 22nd May 2010 after a full day of photography taking, the evening weather was looking not too bad and I decided to hike to nearby Pasir Ris Park for sunset photography. Amanda was free and she came along with me, Xinyun and Leon wasn’t able to join me because they had something on.

Even though the sunset on 22nd May 2010 wasn’t that great, the time waiting and relaxing while waiting for the sunset was really nice, enjoying the winds and waves along the beach and breakwater. When I go on my photography walkabout journeys next time, alone or leading group of friends/bloggers, I would love the Singapore weather and skyline to be good for me and us to take beautiful sunsets of Singapore to share with my readers here.


  1. Author

    Hi Arti

    My country Singapore is not very big in size, however, it does have her beautiful sceneries !

    Glad that you like it ! 🙂

  2. Sunset a picture wherein each and everyone of us have our own definition of this. A time wherein it let us to know that it is the end of the day- a day that wherein it may be an ordinary or special day for us. But I think watching the sunset will be more romantic if you had the chance to be with the one you love while holding the hands of each.

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