Survival Training @ Dragon Scout Group Camp ~ 3rd June 2007

Survival Training is a specialised skill that is usually taught in the armed forces especially in vocations like Special Forces or Recon.

In Dragon Scout Group, we learned some basic Survival Training and they were taught during the Venture Scouts training program. During this camp, the Ventures built and demonstrated a few traps, shelters, smoke signals and water collection methods to the scouts and cub scouts. I remembered during my Venture days, we used to build the traps and shelters too, very interesting and fun to learn and the survival skills learned would definitely come in useful.

Dragon Scouting is really fun, even for an old boy like me, I still enjoy coming back and be part of the fun and action, bringing back great memories. I hope my writings on the various Dragon Scouting activities would keep my fellow Dragon Chapter members updated and rallying them back again to Dragon Scouting.

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