The Time has come …..

Do you feel that Earth is getting hotter than before ? Changes in the weather is more erratic and unpredictable ? Have the recent natural disasters in the past few years giving us human beings an ever growing alarm to stand up and take action to protect our fragile Mother Earth ?


Look no further

“People around the world are dying today as a result of climate change and without our collective action, this will continue. We have a collective opportunity to stop the clock.”

By Kofi Annan – Join the fight for Climate Justice

Beds are Burning - poster Asia

Join the Fight for Climate Justice, their cause and movement, help spread the word around the world ! Unite together, in a global alliance with people from all over the world, tcktcktck, the clock is ticking.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Protecting our Mother Earth is the responsibility of everybody.

  2. Author

    Hi iWalk

    Everyone of us must take the 1st step and personal action to protect our Mother Earth !

    Let’s help to spread the word !

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