Team Retreat @ Bintan Lagoon Resort Day 3

Day 3

Time to go back to Singapore, feeling tired from the late night World Cup Semi-Final between Germany and Italy. Had a quick breakfast, wash up and pack up, before heading to the hotel lobby for check out.

After dropping off our luggages in the storage room, we started walking around to explore the resort. Walking towards the beach, it was a very beautiful afternoon, clear blue sky, white sandy beach and the awesome sea. I love the beach and resort lifestyle, influenced during my uni days in Queensland, Australia, whereby I visit Gold Coast, one of the best beaches in the world. Words can’t describe it easily, take a look at the pictures I took and I hope you all enjoy the sceneries too !

After exploring, we took the shuttle bus to the jetty and started shopping before boarding the ferry back to Singapore. I would be looking foward to visit the island resorts again, enjoying the peace, tranquility, sea and water sports.

Now, it’s back to work.

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