TGH Photography and Hpility SG

I have two announcements to make, first and foremost, I would like to introduce my photography business logo, designed by hatchdesign on Fiverr. Getting a photography logo designed for Tan Geng Hui Photography and ready for my photography portfolio website at , it took me a bit of time to get it sorted out, find a designer to produce the logo based on my expectations and the style that I wanted it.

I am happy and relieved at the same time, carrying a very heavy load and responsibilities on my shoulders alone, is no mean feat. The journey to setting up and running your own small photography business is a very fulfilling yet very tiring journey till date.

Do visit my photography portfolio website at and I do appreciate your support to help Pass-It-On and spread the word for my photography business!

The second announcement is my partnership with Hpility SG, founded by Hong Peng. Hpility SG is a digital blog-portal that covers a variety of interests from lifestyle, travel, food, gadgets and entertainment. We had a good discussion on this partnership between Tan Geng Hui Photography and Hpility SG, we are currently building up the foundations, procedures and networks for our partnership to grow and expand further down the road.

Logo courtesy of Hpility SG

I am looking forward to more interesting and exciting things with them, so do keep a lookout for more news and announcements along the way on Hpility SG and my various social media platforms!

Today is the 4th May, a date that all Star Wars fans know in their hearts.

May The 4th Be With You, Always!

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