The Loop of Fortune – Night Festival 2009

It was the time of the Singapore Night Festival again, held at the Singapore Management University Campus Green, for 2 nights on the 10th and 11th July 2009. We were presented with a premiere performance by PAN.OPTIKUM from Germany, known as


“The Loop of Fortune” – Starting from Singapore Management University’s Campus Green, the performance shifts across the street to a large-scale finale in front of the National Museum of Singapore. The Loop of Fortune unfolds through acrobatics, acting, live vocals and seamlessly interwoven firework displays. The audience accompanies the protagonist through various stages of his life, different emotional states – the joyful and naïve feelings of happiness alternate with overconfidence and fear – and finally, the dawn of the awareness that it is neither necessary nor possible to oppose one’s destiny.

Source : National Museum of Singapore

I went on the 11th July, the second night of the Singapore Night Festival and the rain in the night pushed back the event from 2230 hrs to 2300 hrs and there was a big crowd building up even with the rain coming in. Many people were also visiting the museums around the area since there was free entry from 10pm to 2am.


With plans to visit the Night Festival on the saturday, I saw other photographers works on The Loop of Fortune performance and I was very keen to catch it even though the weather was wet and raining. When the performance started, it was really exciting until we heard over the speakers that something happened and one of their performers was injured. The performance stopped for a while and it kind of disrupted the overall planned performance. As I was quite near to the front, of the railings facing the Museum, I couldn’t see much of what really happened behind, hope everything is alright with the performer.


The performance continued and I enjoyed the show, coming back home, after watching some nice fireworks and lighting effects. While I was blogging and searching for photographs taken, I realised that in the loop and wheel, there was supposed to be a performer running inside the wheel and it dawned upon me that the injured performer was probably supposed to be moving from the Campus Green compound across and into the wheel.


Nevertheless, I still enjoyed myself and hope to catch their full performance again, hope they come back to Singapore for another Night Festival ! For more photos, drop by my Flickr !


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