Transitions Signature Lenses – experiences from daily life and photographer life

Living in hot and sunny Singapore, there were many times when the tropical sunshine was very glaring on my eyes, sometimes, I wished I had my hat/cap on during that time when I am outside under the hot sun, not only to keep me cool, cut down the sunlight and to protect my eyes too. However, wearing hat/cap all the time may not be the best solution for me, it’s not the most suitable dressing to have a hat/cap with my business working attire!

I knew about Transitions some time back and I was pretty amazed by its technology. This was something that I wanted to look at, however, I didn’t do anything about it until recently, when I was introduced to the new Transitions Signature Lenses at their event. More information on the new Transition Signature Lenses can be found here on my personal site!


Once I saw how the new Transitions Signature Lenses work, I was really amazed and excited about it. This was something that suits me, in my daily work/leisure life and a freelance/serious enthusiast photographer life.

Transitions in daily work/leisure life

The Transitions Signature Lenses fit into my daily life easily and seamlessly. Whenever I step out of my home or office, into the open and under the sun. You would not feel, sense or see the seamless changes to your lenses when the transition took effect. The Transitions Signature Lenses darkens when I am under strong sunlight and it adapts to the lighting of the environment that I am in by darkening or fading to clear when I am inside a room/building.

One feature that also makes Transitions Signature lenses (and other photochromic lenses) unique is that it fades back to clear when you are indoors. The change and transition of the lenses are smooth without any hassles, changing and adapting to your lighting conditions that you are in.

Transitions in a photographer’s life

Being a freelance photographer and also a serious enthusiast photographer, there were many a times, I am outside under the hot sun walking and photographing events, freelance assignments or personal projects. Before I had my Transitions Signature Lenses, I am only wearing my prescription glasses. Whenever I am photographing outdoors under the hot sun, it can be glaring and hurting my eyes with my normal prescription glasses even with my hat/cap on.


Having the Transitions Signature Lenses solve both situations. I am now able to take photographs under the hot sun and deliver my works, with the Transitions Signature Lenses playing a part.

Owning the Transitions Signature Lenses is a great experience, it’s something that I highly recommend if you are wearing prescription glasses like me and needed something special like the Transitions Signature Lenses series to protect your eyes. Although there were times when I am driving or under shade, the Transitions Signature Lenses would not take effect. This is something that you have to take note if you are planning to own the Transitions Signature Lenses series.

If you are keen to own the Transitions Signature Lenses series, head on down to your friendly optometrist and ask them about it!

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