University of Queensland Centenary Celebrations (Singapore)

100 and not out, this is the University of Queensland’s Centenary Celebrations, the year 2010. A year of celebrations to mark the achievements, awards and networks of her current students and past alumni graduates, back in Brisbane and in many parts of the world whereby University of Queensland (UQ)has an alumni presence.

The University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore (UQAAS) organised the Centenary Celebrations in Singapore, with a wonderful and fun night at the China Club, located in the heart of the Tanjong Pagar, Singapore’s Central Business District, overlooking the harbour and business offices. The ambience was great and the decorations were really beautiful, elegant and posh and the sceneries were simply beautiful. The master of ceremony was Saravanan, who hosted and opened the event, Dr Angelo Venardos, the President of UQAAS, giving a short speech and introducing the UQAAS Ex-Co members.

The buffet was really nice and had a nice spread of different dishes, everybody there enjoyed the food. Thereafter, they began to hang around, chatting and networking together. Graduates of different era coming together, of young and old, networking and sharing their UQ experiences in studies and living abroad. Wee Tong who went back to Brisbane in July 2010 for the UQ Centenary Celebrations, also shared his story too.

Led by Paul and Tammie of UQAAS Ex-Co, sharing The University of Queensland’s achievements and glories, stories of their University days, toasting to a beautiful centenary celebration, supported by the other UQAAS Ex-Co members Eric, Saravanan, Adam and Victor, who further toasted UQ 100 years with uniquely Singapore Yum Seng ! The crowds joined in too and it was really a night of fun and cheering !

There were also a great sharing by distinguished UQ alumnus Mr Loh Hoon Sun, his sharing was appreciated by those present there. The night had to come to a close, Eric, the Vice-President of UQAAS, thanked all for coming to attend the Centenary Celebrations. New friendships were made, networking between UQ Graduates of different generations, a night of fun, great food, atmosphere and ambience. This is a fitting tribute to UQ Centenary Celebrations !

Happy 100 years old to University of Queensland !

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