Updates on my photoblog

A number of days that I haven’t been updating my photoblog, now would be doing some quick updates on my photoblog

(1) Working concurrently on my 2 blogs, need to ensure both are running smoothly, currently making changes to my personal blog.

(2) More blog engines to submit to

(3) Writing up on the scheduled reviews

(4) Planning photography projects to enhance my content and readership

(5) Post processing of my recent James and Shirley Solemnisation Photoshoot

I would like to thank all my readers who had supported my photoblog over the past few years, the support had allowed me to grow, improved and a breakthrough in my photography skills.

The fruits of my passion, I am going to coach/mentor 3 friends in photography, who approached me over the past 2 nights. A blessing that comes in small packages, invaluable and priceless. Thank you for your support !


  1. Hi JH,

    We always have so many things to do!

    And I always feel so hard to take care of more than one blog. After I opened my second blog, I found it so hard to do it as well as the first one.

    But I know you can do these things well!

    Waiting for more great pictures of you!

  2. Author

    Hi iWalk,

    Many things to do, need to prioritise and start actively posting again. Need to do my special projects and attend events !

    Keep a lookout !

  3. Just knew that you have a new domain. Keep up the good post. 🙂

  4. Author

    Hi Jayce

    Welcome to my new photoblog ! Do drop by often !

    Thanks for your support and encouragement !

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