Visit by Pallada from Russia

Being a world class harbour and trading port (in its early days), ships from many parts of the world do drop by Singapore on their way around the world.

Last weekend, Pallada from Russia, a Sailing Tall Ship, used for the training of cadets, arrived in Singapore for a visit and it was moored outside Vivo City. It was in the local news and there were coverage on that tall sailing ship, currently on a 9 months trip around the world. It was great to see something different sailing into Singapore, the last being the Gotheborg in January 2007.

Seeking new photography experiences and objects to take, I went down to Vivo City and explored the might Sailing Tall Ship Pallada from the outside, moving from her bow to stern and going up to the 2nd and 3rd floors of Vivo City, taking photos of the ship.

While I was taking photos on the 3rd floor, trying to take photos of the observation platform on the ship mast and pulleys and guylines, something that most people may not be too interested to take photos of. I got to know Francis, who is currently working as a full-time photographer, had a very interesting and interactive chat with him, ranging from views of photography to selling photos online.

Please do drop by my Flickr site for more photos of Pallada !

It’s interesting to know more people who loves photography yet have their own field of expertise and preference. I still love the area of photojournalism !

Next stop, National Education Show 1 at the Esplanade, coming up shortly………….


  1. Interesting ship. That had to be a fun thing to do.

  2. What a beautiful ship. I love tall ships.


  3. That’s nice that’s such tall ships are still sailing. Nice photos.

  4. Hi 2sweetnsaxy,

    Indeed, very interesting, fun to take the whole sailing ship in 1 frame, quite long in length !

    Didn’t went up onto the ship though …..

  5. Hi patrick

    Thanks for dropping by & leaving kind comments here!

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