Visiting DSG Group Camp 2008 – 31st May 2008

The Dragon Scout Group held their annual group camp again from 30th May to 2nd June 2008 and 3 of us old boys, decided to pop down and visit them at the group camp on 31st May 2008. This year, they decided to change their usual camping grounds and went camping at the school field instead.

Nevertheless, it was a good change in my opinion and refreshing too, something different and unique from the usual camp sites the group usually goes to. It was great that Zhigang and Junjie went down with me and we had a fun time revisiting our wonderful scouting memories, stories, catch up with our senior Hongliang, who is one of the 3 teachers in charge of the scout group.

With 4 old boys walking around the field and visiting the various patrol camp sites, it brought us back many fond memories of our scouting activities and camping days. Hongliang asked the patrol leaders to show us their campsites and gave us an insight into their gadgets and camp craft. Given their special theme for this group camp, being environmentally friendly, it was a great achievement with limited resources !

I reckon Zhigang and Junjie had some fun, asking questions on the designs and practicality of the camp craft designs, it was deja vu for us visiting our patrol campsites that we once used to lead and I was happy for both my fellow mates to be in touch with their roots and juniors of Dragon Scout Group. Zhigang and Junjie were also introduced to some of the senior ventures and leaders too, brining more old boys closer together.

Had dinner there, tasting the food cooked by the senior Ventures, had a great catch up on our former seniors of DSG and many different topics for discussion and chatting, lots of memories and chat exchanged.

It was a short visit, nevertheless, very fun and enjoyable.

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