Welcome Year of Rabbit @ River Hongbao 2011 !

It’s the time of the year when the handover starts, Goodbye Tiger , Welcome Rabbit ! Ushering in the Year of the Rabbit 2011, with the festivities and events running in Singapore, locals and tourists alike have a taste of the Chinese Lunar New Year spirit here in Singapore, an important festival for the Chinese community.

There were those who were busy shopping in the Chinatown district, for Chinese Lunar New Year goodies to welcome their relatives and friends who would be visiting them during Chinese New Year. At the Marina Bay Floating Platform, in the heart of Marina Bay, an annual event that I regularly attend, it’s River Hongbao 2011 ! This year, it’s different for me because I am a tour guide ! I hosted my uncle and dad’s employees, they hail from China and they were not going back to their hometown for Chinese New Year Celebrations, therefore, it would be good to bring them around during Chinese New Year period to let them have a look at the festive celebrations.

Rain coming and going, did dampen a bit of the spirits, having to find shelter and unable to walk around the Marina Bay Floating Platform. My friends went to purchase their hometown food from the food stalls there and they were able to introduce which are the nicer and tastier China cuisine and dishes. The rain finally stopped, just in time for the fireworks to be launched at 12midnight, welcoming to usher in the Year of the Rabbit. The fireworks were beautiful and it was great to enjoy capturing fireworks again ! Joining up with my friends from China, went down to the Floating Platform and continued taking photographs of the displays and them posing for me with the different displays.

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Wishing all of you 恭喜发财 !万事如意 !财源滚滚

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