Viddsee, a creator platform, and Dolby Laboratories, a leader in immersive entertainment experiences, have announced a collaboration to help in the growth of up-and-coming storytellers. Viddsee and Dolby are empowering next generation of storytellers through the incorporation of Dolby’s next-generation audio-visual technologies: Dolby Vision® HDR and Dolby Atmos® immersive audio in the production of films in Viddsee’s Scene City Anthology – A short film slate commissioned by Viddsee that recognises up-and-coming talents. 

Viddsee X Dolby Laboratories Collaboration

Through Viddsee and Dolby Laboratories collaboration, Dolby will support storytellers by offering post-production support, training and workshops on using Dolby’s technologies in their films kicking off with Solitude – Viddsee’s first Dolby-enabled Original.  

Ashim Mathur, Vice President, APAC Marketing Dolby Laboratories said: “We are thrilled to work with Viddsee in showcasing the short film, Solitude in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Dolby Vision brings the characters in Solitude to life with sharper contrast, richer details, and a remarkable color range whilst Dolby Atmos offers a premium, multidimensional audio experience that draws you into the action. Consumers can experience Solitude in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on Dolby-enabled mobile devices. Dolby is looking forward to working with Viddsee and its content creation community to take the industry to the next level by enhancing their storytelling with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.” 

Ho Jia Jian, CEO and Founder of Viddsee, said: “We are proud to showcase what this collaboration with Dolby means for our storytellers. It has the potential to equip storytellers in this region with improved technical capabilities for their films, not only helping the careers of our budding filmmakers, but creating platforms and opportunities to showcase stories from the best quality possible. 

“This collaboration will help us to achieve our vision of enabling storytellers, through a tech-driven media ecosystem, with the right tools and guidance to produce impactful films which are recognised among both Singaporean and global audiences.” 

Viddsee’s first Dolby-enabled Original – Solitude 

Viddsee’s first Dolby-enabled Original – Solitude, was screened on 24th October 2023 at the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)’s PIXEL Innovation Hub. After the screening, there was a panel discussion on how the partnership has elevated the audio-visual quality of the film.

Following the success of Solitude, Viddsee and Dolby will work together to offer up to 10 filmmakers from Viddsee’s upcoming Scene City Anthology slate over the next two years with an opportunity to produce and distribute their films in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atoms. This partnership will also provide educational opportunities for Viddsee’s creator community through workshops and masterclasses held by Dolby. 

You can visit this link to watch this short film Solitude at  

For filmmakers and content creators 

After watching the screening of Solitude at IMDA PIXEL Innovation Hub, listening to the panel discussion on Viddsee and Dolby Laboratories partnership, I personally feel that this collaboration announcement would be great, not just for filmmakers, also for those in the content creators segment. 

As a photographer, visual storyteller and content creator myself, that is gradually adding in videos via vlogs, Instagram Reels, TikTok and short story videos into my portfolio of works, with access to Dolby technologies would help in my storytelling journeys via my content creation/video stories, whether with my Canon EOS R6 Mark II or/and Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max.

While producing videos is not my main strength, creating visual stories through my photography. writing and content creation are my key strengths, I am going to bring across to my videography and filmmaking side of things, let’s see where all these brings me.

* Information courtesy of Viddsee and Black Dot *

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