The Chingay Parade Singapore, had been an integral part of young nation history, dating back to 1972, do drop by their website for additional information on Chingay Parade Singapore. Fast foward to 2009, this wonderful event had been witnessed by people from many different parts of the world, participated by many different cultural groups around the world.

The 2009 Chingay Parade wasn’t my first parade, however, it was my maiden LIVE action Chingay Parade, my very first time to be part of the action and festivities and taking many photographs from the sides of the road for this wonderful event.

Before that, I decided to hang around the Adelphi Singapore and City Hall area, whereby the performers were unloading, alighting, preparing and resting around these 2 areas. They were excited and friendly, willing to pose with their BIG SMILES and lovely costumes, besides, with different cultural groups from different countries, there were mixing around, with performers asking to take photographs with fellow performers from different countries. It was buzzing with lots of activities and the photographers hanging around there had some great time snapping awesome street and live action photography, priceless !

Thereafter, I proceed to the Parliament House and Supreme Court area and got myself a spot along the road to wait for the Chingay Parade Singapore 2009 – Wonderland to start….. Soon the Chingay Parade 2009 kicked off !

Although I wasn’t at the performance point, whereby the grandstand sitting gallery was, we could capture a glimpse of their performance from our side of view.  Even though the performers don’t need to perform while walking to the next performance spot, some of them obliged, danced, did small performances, showed their stunts, waved at us, hi-fived us, shaked our hands, gave us gifts (paper fans, red packets) and last but not least , their excitement, smiles, laughter, joy and happiness !!!!

As the parade drawn to a close after about 1.5 hours of action and fun, it was brought to a grand finale with fireworks lighting up the City Hall, let this Chingay Parade 2009 – Wonderland, brings everybody here in Singapore, to their Wonderland, in this Year of the Ox in 2009 ! 

Do check my Chingay Parade Singapore 2009 photos !