The Year 2011 has arrived with a bang ! Fireworks lighting up the Marina Bay skyline with beautiful and graceful fireworks display ! Thanks to Renhao, who was there early to get a good position at the Marina Bay Sands Events Plaza area. The crowds were quite packed with many people wanting to view the fireworks.

Since we were there early, we started  taking long exposure photographs of the Marina Bay with the floating wishing spheres illuminated by the different coloured spotlights from Esplanade. At 0000 hrs, the fireworks lighted up the skyline and we were happily snapping away, however, after approximately 3 minutes, the wind was blowing the smoke right into our direction and our view of the fireworks were slowly engulfed in smoke !! Moreover, they decided to bless us with lucky ashes from the fireworks too !!

Overall, we did manage to capture some nice and decent shots of the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown Fireworks 2011 and had fun capturing the fireworks ! Do you want to learn fireworks photography tips ? Look no further ! Read it here !

Check out my “super smoked out” fireworks too !

Wishing all my readers Happy New Year 2011 !!

Best wishes & best of luck for 2011 !!

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