During the Chinese Lunar New Year, there would always be an activity that I would always look foward to very eagerly, that is Lo Hei or also known as Toss Yu Sheng to others ! For a greater understanding of this cultural cuisine, activity, do drop by the link here by the National Library Singapore 
Before the Lo Hei, there are some steps that have to be observed, for many years, I didn’t get the steps nor words correct and the steps are below, courtesy of Cherry’s Kitchen 
1st step: Say Gong Xi Fa Cai 恭喜发财 (getting rich) and Wan Shi Ru Yi (to be smooth sailing) when putting down the Yu Sheng on the table.
2nd Step: Say Da Ji Da Li 大吉大利 (to be very auspicious) when adding limejuice to the ingredient.
3rd step: Say Nian Nian You Yu 年年有余 (to have a surplus every year) and Long Ma Jing Shen (to enjoy great health) or nian nian you yu ( abundance ) when placing fish onto the main plate.
4th step: Say Yi Ben Wan Li 一本万利 (business to be flourishing) or dao di man tang ( abundance everywhere) when putting pepper and five-spice powder to the Yu Sheng.
5th step: Say You Shui Duo Duo 油水多多 (business to be flourishing) or shun shun li li ( everything flows smoothly) when adding golden cooking oil and sauces to the Yu Sheng (and also 甜甜蜜蜜 if you have the sweet sauce)
6th step: Say Jin Yin Man Wu 金银满屋 (to obtain abundant wealth) when sprinkling the golden peanut powder.
7th step: Say Sheng Yi Xing Long 生意兴隆 (business to be flourishing) when sprinkling the sesame powder.
8th step: Say Man Di Huang Jin 满地黄金 (to obtain abundant wealth) when adding the thin golden membrane. 
Let the Year of the Ox turn around everything unlucky and all losses and turn into gains and all negatives to positives (“牛”转乾坤)!

“牛”转乾坤 !