A first ever collaboration, Fuji Xerox X JABA Collaboration with Didier “Jaba” Mathieu, a world renowned graffiti artist, Jonathan Kiat (better known as “Kiat”), Co-Founder of multi-disciplinary studio System Sovereign and Fuji Xerox Singapore. This initiative is meant to push the boundaries of digital printing bringing Didier’s interpretation of the world’s social and political construct to life and in prints.

There are five distinct art books being featured (Roots, Dreamscape, Memoirs, Noir and Jaba). These limited-edition collection was recently showcased at Fuji Xerox Singapore’s Print Reimagined event that took place from 9th to 10th December 2020 (check out my coverage on Fuji Xerox Innovation Re:Mix Forum Work Reimagined 2020 on my technology portal/blog) The art books were printed on Fuji Xerox’s Iridesse Production Printer, bringing the hyper-realistic and abstract graffiti concept artworks translated into print.

The art works are inclined towards a graffiti wild style, purposely designed to bring out the brilliance of Fuji Xerox’s Production Printer, Iridesse. As part of the production process, Didier and “Kiat” collaborated closely with Fuji Xerox to bring the best out of Iridesse speciality Dry Inks Gold, Silver, White, Pink and Clear in their printing output.

What are the five distinct art books all about? Let’s take a walk through the graffiti wild style world 


Roots highlights some of Didier’s earlier works on the numerous graffiti and murals painted all over the world during his time in some of the countries that Didier lived in (Australia, Thailand, Brazil, China, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Columbia and Israel)


The digital art creation by Didier, conceived as a hyper-realistic piece that takes the form of real images and reimagined into new possibilities. Didier draws inspirations from his travels, documenting intimate ways of rethinking architectural features into futuristic worlds. 


Using a different approach, featuring a collection of photographs shot by Didier throughout his travels all over the world through his smartphone camera. These photographs hold fond memories of the people he met and places he has visited. 

This particular art book would probably resonate most with me since I am a photographer!


This is inspired by Fuji Xerox Iridesse speciality White Dry Ink. It’s a timeless piece that shows black-white dualism that pushes the possibilities of printing on matt-coasted black paper. Didier and Kiat created this book to experiment and showcase the White Dry Ink’s high brightness and opacity that contrasts favourably against a black canvas. 


Kiat was given full artistic control to experiment and recreate Didier’s pieces in his own style for this particular book. Utilising the brilliance of Fuji Xerox Iridesse vivid Pink Dry Ink, this adds an astounding pop-of-colour that is not seen in other books. Unique to Kiat’s creative approach, the artwork flaunts a divergent perspective on Didier’s work, through the eyes of another fellow artist. 

Personal Thoughts 

In a modern social media, technology and internet driven world today, while creative works can be viewed online by people from all over the world. Nothing beats having their own creative works showcased in its original art form or published and printed that can people can touch, feel and connect with the creatives/artists masterpieces and artworks. 

As a photographer myself, the art of printing (from small photo prints to offset photo book prints) is an area that I have rediscovered again since I lost touch for a period of time when I moved from film to digital. 

Personally, it’s great to see companies such as Fuji Xerox helping and supporting the creative community through their expertise in digital printing technology, bringing their artworks and masterpieces to life. While my creative skills are not in the fields of drawing and painting, I do appreciate and would try to support the creatives community whenever I am able to. 

I do get inspiration from other creatives and artists in different fields and genres, maybe one day, I am able to collaborate with them and produce cross interdisciplinary creative works with other creatives and publish a book on it!

* Information and pictures courtesy of Fuji Xerox *

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