The photography, creative and media landscapes have changed so much and so fast over the past two decades. For us in the photography, creative or media sectors, change is not the only constant, adapting and evolving are just as important key factors. When DPReview published a news update on 21st March 2023 that they are shutting down, this marks the end of DPReview – The end of an era.

Photography by Ryan Cheng

This news came as a shell shock for many of us in the photography world, shaking our heads in disbelief, especially those photographers/creatives like myself who were part of the web 2.0/blogging era before the rise of social media platforms and apps.


I established my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog in April 2006. At the juncture in time, I was new and raw to the writing/blogging world (those were the days before the social media era). Although I am passionate and interested in photography (I am still is), my initial writing style was raw and unpolished. Not many photography websites were around for us to look upon where we can learn. DPReview was one of the photography websites that set the tone, direction and style that I based myself when I started writing my camera and lenses reviews.

While DPReview can be overly technical at times, I can understand the editorial direction that they undertake, and relate to the photography technicalities since I am a photographer myself. My style of doing camera and lenses review changed over the the decade, my foundations and basis of doing and writing my camera and lenses review kickstarted from reading DPReview’s camera and lenses review articles.  

The difficult business climate, huge accelerated changes in media landscape over the years, how we consumed and utilised social media, those factors could derail a business, and probably the impacts would be bigger on us in the photography and creatives industry.   

I would like to say Thank You to DPReview for the things that you did for the world photography industry and community over the past 25 years. This is going to be huge loss for the world photography industry and community. Although this is going to mark the end of DPReview, the end of an era, we photographers/creatives will not forget DPReview.  

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