Jewel Changi Airport was officially opened on 17th April 2019 with most of the facilities opened to the public at that time. There was one segment that wasn’t opened to the public at that time yet! Finally, it’s going to be opened on 10th June 2019. Yes, the eagerly and highly anticipated Canopy Park @ Jewel Changi Airport is finally going to welcome visitors to have have a fun time there!

Thanks to Changi Airport invitation, our Changi Circle group got the opportunity to visit the Canopy Park and Changi Experience Studio @ Jewel Changi Airport for a preview! Let me bring you through on a tour, through my photos and stories, of our adventures at the Changi Experience Studio on Level 4.

Changi Experience Studio @ L4

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm

We might be regular or avid travelers flying in and out of Changi Airport, we knew they have been the best airport in the world for a number of years, we know about the high quality standards and facilities. I reckon many of us Singaporeans (if not all of us) are very proud of our Changi Airport.

How much do you know about Changi Airport? Her history, what goes on behind the scenes inside Changi Airport? Welcome to Changi Experience Studio, a virtual world for visitors young and old, into a journey of a very interactive fun and learning adventure for both children and adults.

Are you one of the those travelers that like to race/or being pushed on the luggage trolley? Have you ever wanted to be photographed in the Changi Airport working environment? Can you manage the taxi queue system for passengers at Changi Airport? Do you remember the race between a Porsche 911 and Boeing 747 on the Changi Airport runway?

Come follow me inside into the world of Changi Experience Studio! Let’s go!


Your journey into the world of Changi Experience Studio begins here, with virtual butterflies greeting you. Armed with the interactive Travel Guide, learn how to use it and be mesmerised by the surprises that you are about to unlock along this journey inside Changi Experience Studio.

Time Tunnel

How much do you know about the history and beginnings of Changi Airport? Take a walk back in time through this time machine tunnel, view and learn about Changi Airport’s historical milestones, experience her transformation, growth and expansion over the years.

Hanging Garden

In this small beautiful garden, this is an interactive content zone, featuring seven discovery stations. With your Travel Guide, you can learn about many different aspects of Changi Airport, the behind the scenes action.

Amazing Runway

Rally your teammates for a fast and furious battle on the Changi Airport Runway, choose between Team Porsche 911 or Team Boeing 747. Relive the adrealine high speed action Changi Airport Race between a Porsche 911 GT3 Carrera Cup car and a Boeing 747 aircraft.

Sky Deck

For those who know Changi Airport as an international air hub, do you know how many cities around the world are linked to Changi Airport? When you visit Sky Deck, be mesmerised by a spectacle of  flight paths networks all around the world connecting Changi Airport and the rest of the world.

Smile Challenge

A big, warm and cheerful smile never fails to light up another person. At Changi Airport, this is a key part of the customer service there, also a hallmark of Changi Experience. If you have a gorgeous, big, warm and cheerful smile, flash your brightest smile in a friendly battle to determine who has the winning smile. Spot your big smiling face on the Smile Challenge Hall of Fame board, or have a good laugh at some of the smiling faces.


Have you ever imagine yourself working inside Changi Airport? Here’s an opportunity to discover the various role airport staff plays in ensuring everything runs smoothly like clockwork. Your friends and yourself can take photos against the different backgrounds, take on the role of an air traffic controller, on the runway or at the fire station. Yes, remember to get the photos printed out at the kiosks nearby!


Would you like to play fun arcade games simulating the jobs of such as, a taxi coordinator and trolley handler, whereby you can learn and experience what it is like working at the airport?

Garden of Harmony

Enter into a meadow, take a stroll inside and let the butterflies be your guide into this enchanted garden. As you step into the Garden of Harmony, each visitor plays a different musical instrument with other fellow visitors there and  everyone inside there can come together to perform a symphony, accompanied by beautiful music and spectacular visual display.

This special Garden of Harmony represents Changi Airport teamwork of 50,000 strong community across the various airport operations segments that work together to deliver the best airport in the world.


Final stop, the grand finale of your Changi Experience Studio journey. Enter into a multimedia room, sit down, relax and watch an inspiring audio-visual production, tracing the history of Changi Aiport, from her humble beginnings, to the present day and a vision for Changi Airport’s future aviation.

Canopy Park @ Jewel Changi Airport officially opens on Monday 10th June 2019. Our preview visit to Canopy Park and Changi Experience Studio @ Jewel Changi Airport was made possible for us by Changi Airport, for this Changi Circle group of enthusiasts. We had fun and enjoyed ourselves at the various Canopy Park attractions!

More photographs of Canopy Park and Changi Experience Studio @ Jewel Changi Airport can be viewed here inside this flickr photo album!

Thank you Changi Airport for the invitation and hosting us!

Changi Experience Studio Pricing (SGD)

Standard Rate – Adult

Adult – SGD 25  |  Child/Senior – SGD 17

Singapore Residents*

Adult – SGD 19  |  Child/Senior – SGD 13

CapitaStar Members[Available only at Jewel Concierge Counters (L1, 2, 5)]

Changi Rewards Members[Available on Jewel App and at Jewel Concierge Counters (L1, 2, 5)]

Adult – SGD 18  |  Child/Senior – SGD 12

Family Value Bundle

Includes 2 Adults and 2 Child/Senior tickets: $54

Bundle Packages

Bundle Package 3

Bundle Package 4

(Refer to pricing table in my other article)

Purchase your Changi Experience Studio tickets here at


(1) Applicable for Singapore citizens, permanent residents and those living in Singapore, including holders of employment passes, work permits or dependent passes. Proof of residency may be required when purchasing tickets or when entering Canopy Park.

(2)Refers to children from 3-12 years old.

(3)Refers to seniors 60 years old and above

(4) Ticketing for Changi Experience Studio is based on time slots, with window of admission within one hour from stipulated entry time. No limit to duration of play within attraction. 

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