It was homecoming for us, returning back to our alma mater Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group (DSG), celebrating a centennial milestone marking 100 years of Dragon Scouting, at the Dragon Scout Group DSG 100 campfire on 8th April 2022. 

Due to the ongoing global pandemic situation since 2020 impacting and changing how we work, live, study, we weren’t sure how DSG 100th year anniversary celebrations in 2022 are going to turn out. Prior to the DSG 100 campfire, Singapore’s safety management measures were relaxed, opening up opportunities for us old boys and girls to make a trip back home to our Dragon Scout Group family.

Coming back home to the Dragon Scout Group family with fellow Dragon Chapter members, catching up with my seniors who taught me Scouting, outdoors and life skills during my secondary school days. Personally, it was full of nostalgia when DSG 100 campfire began a virtual history tour from 1922 to 2022. I remembered my first major participation in key DSG anniversary celebrations, starting from 75th anniversary celebrations, the 85th anniversary celebrations (I was helping out in the campfire committee and dinner committee, supporting the 85th anniversary book publication), regularly attending annual DSG campfire, remembering my overseas trips with DSG, annual group photo taking, 90th anniversary dinner back in the school hall organised by Dragon Chapter.

This ongoing global pandemic disrupted a few years of my (and fellow old boys and girls) connection with DSG, I was worried about the disconnection and impacts caused by this pandemic. Returning back home to DSG 100, it felt really good and heart warming, to re-connect again with my alma mater.

I didn’t take as many photos at the DSG 100 campfire as compared to the pre-pandemic time, I was just happy to be back and being able to have a face-to-face re-connection with Dragon Scout Group and Dragon Chapter family together again.

Wishing Dragon Scout Group and the extended Dragon Chapter family a Happy DSG 100 Campfire! 

May the Dragon Scouting fire keeps on burning bright and strong as DSG strives towards bigger milestones ahead.

“It’s tough not to leave a mark”

Onward Dragon Scout Group!

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