3 years had passed since my paternal grandmother passed on in November 2016. On the 21st day of the 10th Chinese Lunar month (17th November 2019) 农历十月二十一,this day marked my Grandmother’s 3rd Year Anniversary.

Time had passed in the blink of an eye, from her 1st year anniversary in 2017, followed by the big memorial service in the 2nd year anniversary in 2018. The 3rd year anniversary in 2019 was an extended family gathering of remembrance of our family matriarch.

It was a simple remembrance ceremony, putting her favourite food and offerings on the morning of 17th November 2019 along with the extended family gathering, chatting and catching up. On the eve of my grandmother’s 3rd year anniversary, there was an omen that caught our attention.

On the evening of 16th November 2019, we arrived from our drive up from Singapore and having a rest in the living room, getting ready to leave for dinner outside. There was a moth flying in the living room above us, spotted by us and my auntie said, “Grandmother is back, looking at us!”. At that moment, I also felt that grandmother was back to visit us on the eve of her 3rd anniversary. I didn’t take any photo of the moth flying inside the living room, however, it will always be a memory inside us who were there at that time and written down in this article.

As another year had passed since she left us, the matriarch of the family will forever be with us and inside us. Her legacy, teachings, stories and love for her family will be pass down to generations and beyond.

Lest we forget.

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