Celebrating Movers of Ideas and Creativity with Moleskine

Moleskine, they are more than just the classic notebooks that I first got to know them, a classic nameless black notebooks used by some of the most talented writers and artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin that had long gone out of print. Today, Moleskine is more than just notebooks, they are now a diverse family of products for M, for Movers, a community that is constantly growing of like-minded passionate, creative and independent people, celebrating movers of ideas and creativity with Moleskine.

I currently have a few Moleskine notebooks, they are special and limited editions, two from Canon and one from LG. They were more than just gifts from the two major brands and I am only currently using the Canon Moleskine notebook, the other two are still wrapped up!

During a recent event in Singapore, I was introduced to Moleskine, celebrating M for Movers, of ideas and creativity, the movers life journey in a modern world today, with changes to working, travel, creativity and expression. Along with the wider world of Moleskine’s family of products, embarking on the Moleskine Creative Trail in Singapore and an introduction to urban sketching with Paul Wang.

In this article, I would be introducing you to Moleskine’s family of products for movers and creators.

Moleskine Bag Collections

First and foremost, I have never known that Moleskine has bag collections! When they introduced their Moleskine Bag Collections, I was amazed and pretty impressed by their bags collection, range and designs!

Moleskine Bag Collections

First and foremost, I have never known that Moleskine has bag collections! When they introduced their Moleskine Bag Collections, I was amazed and pretty impressed by their bags collection, range and designs!

The Metro Collection

The contemporary bags collection, clean urban design and modern technology feel. While it may not look that big in size, they can pack in technology gadgets such as a 15inch laptop along with your other creative stuff. The water-resistant nylon casing and padded pockets protect your gadgets and tools.The embossed honeycomb lining and subtle reflective details shines a light to the Mover on every part of their creative journeys. For the Movers, there is a My Moleskine Notes Pocket, for you to store your memories, ideas, thoughts, dreams, intimate moments during your Movers creative journey.


Metro backpack: SGD$220

Metro slim backpack: SGD$190

Metro vertical device bag: SGD$170

Moleskine Classic Bag Collection

This series was first designed by Giulio Iacchetti in 2011, for the minimalist Mover, aesthetic and beautiful. There is the Classic Leather Collection, for Movers who love both leather material and design with great functionality and ergonomics. For this bag collection, the corners are rounded, just like the classic legendary Moleskine notebook and each bag carries the time honoured “in case of loss” notice in the interior. More than just a classic bag for the Movers to store their creative tools while traveling, they are also the secret places to keep your memories, ideas, thoughts, dreams, intimate moments during your Movers creative journey.


Classic leather backpack: SGD$320

Classic leather device bag: SGD$250

Classic leather pro backpack: SGD$390

Moleskine Go Shopper Collection (newly launched in October 2019)

The artist/doodle/sketcher in you, would love this self-customisable Moleskine Go Shopper. With this bag, you can draw, doodle and write on its surface, telling your stories, thoughts, ideas and moments through your artworks, whereby you can stamp your artistic mark on this special bag.



Moleskine Art Collection

The world of notebook journaling has now expanded with the watercolour notebook, along with the watercolour block and pencils.

Watercolour Notebook

This watercolour notebook is made using cold-pressed cotton-blend paper and they can handle plenty of water on both sides of the paper. Just like the classic Moleskine notebook design, rounded corners, a ribbon bookmark and matching elastic closure, you can now have the creative freedom to write, sketch, draw, colour each and every page with your words, moments, thoughts, drawings, sketches and paintings, whenever you are on the move, at a location creating artworks or when you have an inspiration or idea coming into you.

Watercolour Block

The Watercolour Block is the ultimate companion for the creative artist as you strive to capture the inspiration, the moment, whether you are indoors or outdoors on the move. They features a strong backing support and high quality detachable pages that allows you to unleash your creativity and talents while on the move.


Large: SGD$40

XL: SGD$61

23×31: SGD$61

Watercolour Pencils

Bring beautiful colours into your inspiring works with Moleskine Watercolour pencils, through your drawing, sketching and colouring. Featuring 12 Moleskine Watercolour pencils a set, it’s time to unleash the creative artist in you! Add some water to create light washes and moments as you draw, design, sketch and colour.


City Travel Palette SGD$60

Moleskine Limited Edition Collections (Launching Soon)

Most of us would know Moleskine for their classic notebooks and if you are a fan of James Bond 007 or Star Wars, you have to take a look at them!

007 Limited Edition Notebook Collection

There is something special inside 007 limited edition notebook, there are two limited edition notebooks. Each chapter in the story celebrates James Bond’s resourceful spirit and skilful mastery of knowledge. Each notebook also comes with a set of 25 tickets inspired by over 50 years of Bond films.



Star Wars Notebook and Planner Collection

If you are a Star Wars fan, this collection would definitely interest you! This Star Wars Notebook and Planner Collection pays tribute to Star Wars. Which side are you on, the Jedi or the Dark Side?

Each notebook/planner inside this collection includes the distinctive Moleskine design features, such as the colour-coordinated elastic closure, expandable back pocket for your notes and thoughts, a matching bookmark ribbon and filled with graphics on the front and back endpapers, a themed paperbound B-Side and special sticker inserts.

May the Force be with You, creative, inspirational, artistic and talented Movers of Moleskine!


Notebook: SGD$60


Pocket size: SGD$37

Large size: SGD$45

For more information on Moleskine products and where you can purchase them, visit Moleskine.com

Moleskine Creative Trail in Singapore

Coming soon, keep a lookout for the second part of this article, learning how to draw and sketch with Moleskine Watercolour Notebook and Watercolour Pencils, my personal experiences, stories from Moleskine Creative Trail in Singapore, plans and inspiration to further expand my personal movement of photography, writing, prints, notebook journaling with Moleskine for my personal photography projects (documentary, travel)

Would the M for Movers by Moleskine, be the final piece of the puzzle of my photography,  notebook journaling along with my photography prints, sketching, drawing and painting?

* Thank you Moleskine and Burson Cohn & Wolfe for the invitation *

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