In the age of social media and digital photography growth, a lot of us today have shot many photographs, stored in our smartphone, with our digital cameras or kept inside your computers. Have you ever thought of showcasing your photographs beyond photography prints? Have you thought of printing gifts using your beautiful photographs? Yes, you can do it, with personalised gifts printing with Printcious!

This article is produced in a collaboration with Printcious, I was given a S$100 cash voucher to redeem and print my personalised customisable gifts from Printcious online shop. Opinions and views are my own. What are the personalised gifts that I printed with Printcious? How do I feel about their finished personalised printed gifts?

What are the personalised gifts that I printed with Printcious?

Printcious has a wide range of personalised gift ideas that you can choose and print. After some planning and consideration, I chose the follow gifts ideas, with the stories behind why I chose these personalised gifts.


My nieces Charmaine and Charlene are proud owners of these two really cute and adorable Pekingnese dogs, Coby and Choya. Recently, they did a dog portraiture photoshoot at a pet carnival event and received the photographs. I found them really nice and decided to print them on mugs for them! I am glad to hear that my nieces like the personalised printed mugs gifts!

Button Badges and Magnets

For the button badges, I printed a portraiture photograph of myself in action. I am considering whether this would make a good gift to bulk print and give away to my friends and supporters. It’s a good marketing and publicity gift for my photography business too! I was also thinking of putting the button badge on my jungle hat or on my lanyard! I also printed a button badge for Coby and Choya, the two cute Pekingnese doggies!

Whenever I travel overseas for a holiday, I tend to look for magnets at the destinations that I visit, for memories sake and to decorate my refrigerator. For the personalised magnets, I decided to print my nieces doggies (oval magnet) and my recently departed family doggie (square magnet). Oh yes, I had an argument with my mum because she reckons her doggie photo is nicer than mine (which I totally and nicely disagree) and said her photo should be printed on the magnet. Don’t worry, I would print a magnet for her in the future with her personalised doggie photo.

PVC Cards 

I run a sole proprietorship photography business, I also have active content writing on my photography and travel portal/blog and technology and business portal/blog. Printing this PVC card gave me an idea to have two name badges on both sides of the PVC card, I can “switch” my roles accordingly!

Luggage Tags

I took a different approach for the luggage tags, I decided to print my photography business logo on the luggage tag instead of the usual name, address and contact number. This would come in handy for my various camera bags that I use!

My Printcious personalised printing user experience

Printcious website is easy to use and navigate, you can easily create and open an account before commencing on your personalised gifts printing. Once you have chosen your photographs that you would like to print as personalised gifts, it’s easy to start designing, adding your photograph and text onto the design template of the gift that you are personalising.

Delivery to Singapore is around 2 to 4 working days and delivery fee is S$10. I placed my orders on Sunday morning, it was processed and I was informed that my orders were picked up by courier on the following Thursday along with a tracking number via email, arriving on Saturday morning at my home.


Printing personalised gifts with Printcious had been a fun and enjoyable experience. This gave me another avenue to showcase my photographs through gifts as well as giving me food for thought to print gifts in bulk order, such as the button badges, not just as a gift to give away to friends and supporters of my photography business, they can be a good marketing and publicity gift too!

There are many gift ideas that you can do for your loved ones and friends at Printcious, ranging from Birthday gifts, Wedding gifts, Gifts for him and Gifts for her! There are many more personalised gift ideas to explore with Printcious and I hope to explore more of their other gift ideas in the near future.

In my earlier paragraph, I mentioned that this is a collaboration post with Printcious and I was given a S$100 cash voucher to redeem and print my personalised customisable gifts from Printcious online shop. Opinions and views are my own.

I would like to thank Printcious for the opportunity to collaborate and print personalised gifts that are well liked and received by family and myself!

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