28th July 2007 ~ Steamboat Buffet at Marina South

Our Hawaiian friends had lots of fun prior to their new, unique and eye opening eating experience of steamboat buffet at Marina South. They were at Sentosa Chalet a few days earlier and they moved to Sarimbun Camp to have their dinner and to catch the National Day Parade 2007 Preview and fireworks.

I met my Hawaiian friends again after 3 days away working and meeting up with my clients. Well, when we met again, it seems food is always part of the agenda. Hope I am more than just a food PR host.

Our boys and girls were pretty much settled down, and they started to cook and eat the wide variety of dishes/food available. It was good to see our junior scouts from Radin Mas joining us in Sarimbun Camp and the steamboat buffet too.

The Scout Masters from Troop 42 definitely enjoyed the most of their eating adventure. They were going slow and steady, enjoying the food cooked by themselves or from our leaders. As for the boys, some groups ate pretty fast while there was a table that was also slowly enjoying their time cooking and eating.

When all were done eating, we moved across to the other side of the road and watched the NDP Preview fireworks. I really enjoyed that and I reckon our Hawaiian friends had their fun too, being part of the NDP 2007 Celebrations. Do drop in my previous posting and take a look at the fireworks phototgraphs that I took during NDP 2007 Preview.

Right after, we hanged around waiting for the coach to bring them back to Sarimbun Camp, taking photos and relaxing. As for me, Ganesh gave me a lift home on his lorry, while they were also travelling back to Sarimbun Camp.

Another adventure with my Hawaiian friends (and it has something associated with food).

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