Farewell Dinner for Hawaiian Scout Troop 42 at Singapore Recreation Club

31st July 2007

After about a week of fun and adventure in Singapore, it was time for them to return back home. The day before their departure, Dragon Scout Group, the hosts, organised a farewell dinner at the Singapore Recreation Club, for our Hawaiian friends.

It maybe a farewell dinner but it was full of laughter and talking, it was Indian food and this dinner pretty sums up the food of the various races and cultures in Singapore that they had tasted for the past week.

There were lots of sharing on the stage and it was nice to hear about history and experiences on how this exchange came about and the fun they had during their trip here. Gifts were also exchanged for all everybody involved, gift bags containing unique Singaporean products were given by our Dragon Scout Group to our Hawaiian Scout Troop and they had gift packs prepared as well for our Singapore counterparts. The Scout Masters from Hawaiian Scout Troop 42 also gave our teachers in charge, Hongliang, Kevin Kung and Shirley, uniquely Hawaiian gifts.

After lots of gift exchanging, chatting and contacts exchange, the folks were mixing around, taking photos for the beautiful memories. There was a performance by Hawaiian Scouts for us and it was great singing !

Soon after, we took group photographs outside the SRC, near the Padang. There were lots of digital cameras from the crowds wanting to take their photos, once I took the “official” shots, I helped them taking using their digital cameras.

The Hawaiian Scouts proceed to late night shopping at Mustafa Shopping Centre while the Dragon Scouts have to return home for bedtime and school tomorrow. For me, I returned home after the dinner and prepared to be part of the liason team the next day to meet them at the hotel during checkout and getting them to Changi Airport.

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