Bon Voyage, Hawaiian friends ! Till we meet again very soon!

1st August 2007

It was time, that is, the time for our Hawaiian friends to say goodbye to Singapore and head back home to Hawaii, although they would be stopping over at Hong Kong for a few days before actually reaching home.

I met them at Hotel Phoenix lobby and helped to liase their check-out was smooth, coordinated with the coach driver with my other 2 liason members, Xiao Tian and Kevin. It was also of special significance that on 1st August 2007, the day of their departure, it was also Hotel Phoenix’s last day of operation. There were press photographers and videographers at the lobby and some of our Hawaiian friends were “featured” inside Straits Times Online Multimedia: Hotel Phoenix says Goodbye for the last time.

Once everybody was ready, our coach came into the hotel pick-up/drop-off point and our of us tried to squeeze the huge luggages and bags into the coach compartment, some luggages had to be brought up onto the seats. Soon, we were on our way to Changi Airport Terminal 1.

On the coach, we started chatting with the parents about their own travel adventures and experiences. The boys were really tired as they were quiet throughout the ride to the airport. Upon arrival, we were a little bit early but it was alright, especially for group travel.

There were some hiccups but it was really not a big fuss, the Scoutmasters would know the issues we were talking about. Nevertheless, A Scout must always “Be Prepared”, our motto, any inconveniences/situations were handled without any hassles. After the luggages were checked-in, we make our way for lunch. Our Dragon Scout Group contingent came soon after that and joined in the lunch and chat with the Hawaiian party.

As the time passes so fast without everybody knowing, our Hawaiian friends had to check-in and clear the immigrations segment before proceeding to their boarding gate. There were last minute photo taking and everybody hugging and making fun of one another, handshakes and goodbye kisses.

Hosting the Hawaiian friends was really a great honour, even though I could only be with you folks for the few days. Dragon Scout Group definitely had some of their most memorable adventures/experiences in our rich 85 years of Dragon Scouting, hosting our brother scouts from Hawaiian Scout Troop 42.

Thank you Hawaiian Scout Troop 42 for the wonderful experiences!

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